Safety First

We are taking active precautions to keep our Employees and Customers safe in these unprecedented times.

Here are the specific steps we are taking:

  • Hourly or more frequent cleaning using 70% alcohol based solution and cavacide of all entry and exit handles, point of purchase terminals, inside door handles, cart handles, basket handles, keyboards and monitors.
  • Frequent hand washing and utilization of hand sanitizer
  • Commercial motion sensing hand sanitizer dispensing stations are mounted near the entrance for use by employees and customers.
  • Limiting entry by half of the current government guidelines of 5 people per 1000 square feet.
  • Installed over sized glass barriers between employees and customers at all open checkout lanes.
  • All customers and employees in the store must wear face masks.
  • We will be reminding customers and employees to social distance and maintain a 6 foot distance.
  • Only 2 persons will be allowed to enter at a time to utilize the post office
  • Check out lines will be marked to remind shoppers to maintain 6 foot distance while waiting to pay
  • Mothers day card run has been seperated into two runs on opposite aisles to alleviate crowding and help maintain social distancing
  • Suggested one way traffic markers have been added to the floor to also assist in social distancing
  • Employees will all be wearing tags to remind themselves and customers to maintain a 6 foot clearance