Zen Creations Animal Sculptures - Small

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Product Overview

There are many reasons why our customers are drawn to Zen Creations, whether it is a common affection towards a particular animal or a more complex spiritual connection. These tranquil creations share a few essential traits which make them visually appealing to people of all walks of life. Every Zen Creation sculpture possesses a sense of calm, an abnormally large head and a robust belly…this mishmash of delight simply makes people happy.

Each animal is availble in 4 colors. Driftwood, Harvest, Rust or Mossy


They each have a personalized Chinese character etched into the back of their robe. The symbol represents each being's primary attribute...


The Meditating Dog’s symbol is Loyalty.

The Meditating Cat’s symbol is Independence.

The Meditating Pig’s symbol is Abundance.

The Meditating Owl’s symbol is Truth.

The Meditating Lion’s symbol is Courage.

The Meditating Elephant’s symbol is Wisdom.

The Meditating Turtle’s symbol is Longevity.

The Meditating Frog’s symbol is Prosperity.

The Meditating Llama’s symbol is Companionship.

The Meditating Rabbit’s symbol is Fruitfulness.

The Meditating Bull’s symbol is Strength.

The Meditating Rat’s symbol is Perseverance.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review